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                                    San Ramón de Tres Ríos, Cartago, Costa Rica

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Home in English. Home en español. Why Talarke?. The Talarke Experience. Talarke Today. Join Talarke. Contact Us - Location. Home in English. Home en español. Why Talarke?. The Talarke Experience. Talarke Today. Join Talarke. Contact Us - Location.
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Talarke is a nursery through sixth grade private elementary school located in San Ramón de Tres Ríos, Costa Rica, a short drive into the hills east of  San José. 100% English is taught in all subject areas and class size is limited to 15.

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Talarke students at Camp Roblealto News & Events
Talent Show

Dancers, singers, guitarists, poem reciters, and more show us their talents.

Soccer and
Volleyball Teams

The soccer and volleyball teams did maqic once again as they won games against ...

It’s Not Like Any Other...

Desks and Boards Aren’t Prominent - Students Are!

Students don’t sit at desks all day copying the board. Classes are often conducted while sitting on the floor and sometimes outside.

Picture Your Child Here

Upon arrival, your child is welcomed by a teacher as he or she is helped out of the car or off the bus. In the classroom, your ...

Open Enrollment

Talarke is accepting applications for enrollment for 2013. If you’re still not sure where to enroll your child or aren’t really satisfied with his/her current school then you owe it to your child to check out Talarke. Contact us to set up an appointment to visit.

Students learn how to make kites following in an age-old Costa Rican tradition.

Kite Making
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