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Our proposal

We believe we can make a difference

So we believe that...

  • School environment must be positive and stimulating.
  • There must be harmony between individual welfare and community.
  • The balance between discipline and love produces happy and safe kids.
  • Adults are responsible of stimulating and facilitating children growth in all areas.
  • The educational process is as important as its result.
  • Each one's beliefs must be respected.
  • Each student is a special person with different characteristics and needs, and a particular way of learning.
  • Each of the areas in a student's life must be taken care of:  social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.
  • It is important to promote healthy life styles (food, exercise, self-knowledge,  and positive communication skills).

Cozy and comfortable environment

Take a look at the areas where the best education takes place
Students at Talárke Preschool and Primary School enjoy outdoor activities and trips to broaden their knowledge and experiences.